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Highlighting Threat Dynamics

Early Warning Dispatch #6 – Miskolc

The recently evolved situation in Hungary – especially around the Miskolc area – can be unequivocally described as an “enabling environment”. Therefore it is necessary for the relevant actors to carry out a coordinated intervention in order to prevent violent acts.

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Reflecting On Current Incidents

A neo-Nazi party initiative in Hungary

Incident Report #7 – Following up on the success of Greece's Golden Dawn, a Hungarian neo-Nazi extremist group decided to establish a political party in order to gain power. This time, they failed.

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Understanding Exremism

Mapping the Network of Hungarian Extremist Groups

Analytical endeavor to draw up the network of the highly layered Hungarian extremist scene through network analysis unearthing the detailed connections and relations between the extremist organizations operating in the country by Victoria Fomina.

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