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Slovenská Pospolitost': From Extremism to Mainstream Politics

The Slovenská Pospolitost' is amongst the biggest and most infamous far-right domestic extremist groups in Slovakia. The SP has its ideological roots in the clerical-fascist wartime Slovak state. Its members wear a blue military-like uniform and use similar slogans as the Hlinka Guard, the fascist militia of the Slovak People's Party between 1938-45; and their fairly successful efforts to become a mainstream political party could serve as a dangerous example to other extremists in the region.

The Rise and Fall of the English Defence League

The EDL spread like wildfire after its establishment in 2009 and it became arguably the biggest and most infamous domestic extremist group in England in a really short span of time. However, the group was unable to capitalise on its initial success. Although they managed to recruit around a 1000-1500 members, their membership numbers soon started dwindling and less and less people were interested in their demonstrations. By 2012, several of the outfit's leading personalities left the group, and when Tommy Robinson quit the EDL in 2013 many thought the group would slowly fall apart and die. The future of the EDL seems bleak at the moment, but until it completely ceases to exist, its renaissance cannot be ruled out completely.