Athena Institute Investigations


The Investigations Program

Independent investigations of the Institute - conducted by veteran investigative journalists - aim to provide detailed information about key groups, dynamics behind critical events and general background on domestic extremism. They are integral part of the monitoring program designed also to verify and complement information provided by the Hate Groups Map database.

Investigators are bound by strict guidelines to safeguard the Institute’s integrity.

Articles are published below, while each of them also appear in the most prestigious national newspapers.

Successful Network Building in Serbia by Hungarian Extremists


Amongst the Hungarian extremist groups, the Szeged-based Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement (SfCYM) is the most active in the neighbouring countries. The group has solidified its influence in the ethnic Hungarian political scene in Serbia by concentrating its efforts on places of Serb-Hungarian conflicts.
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Hungarian Extremist Structures in Romania


In the past couple of years, far-right extremist groups activity has relatively declined in Hungary. On the other hand, said groups started a noteworthy expansion in Romania that led to the establishment of a solid political structure in the past two years — including a significant political brand, organizational structure and media presence — especially in Transylvania. This political network that was created with the help of the far-right political party for campaigning reasons will stay in place, however, after the Hungarian elections with its ethnicist and revisionist ideology and goals. The Athena Institute's investigative report from Transylvania.
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Far-right Hate Groups on the Payroll of Hungarian Parliament


According to our informants close to the Jobbik parliamentary party, it is a badly kept secret that extremist groups, close to the party, are being financed through the money provided by the state to the parliamentary faction of Jobbik.
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Gyöngyöspata Assemblage


For months, non-local members of anti-Roma hate groups have been stationed in Gyöngyöspata, where tussle broke out in late April between the hate groups and members of the local Roma community. In the village people are talking about a tight circle of locals who drive events that made the village a place for a racist pilgrimage. The majority is fed up with the ado.
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"We've got paramilitary training"


The Hungarian National Front (MNA) is the oldest neo-Nazi paramilitary hate group in Hungary. The extremist group provides different level paramillitary trainings for its members and sympathizers at its own training facility located near the village of Böny, in the vicinity of Győr. Although the extremist trainings received huge media coverage in 2009, there was little mention of exactly what is happening in these camps. The Athena Institute interviewed Tibor Salik (23), one of the sympathizers who participated in four trainings.
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Radical Animal Defenders Plans New Attacks


"If you know of people in Budapest, who are torturing animals, let us know!" – says an announcement on one of the social networking sites. The hate group which posted the message has three thousand fans, its members are posing in masks and are openly glorifying violence and vigilantism. Their leaders claim they have identified new targets. The Athena Institute portrays the Radical Animal Defenders.
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'Revolutionary' Money Factory


The most influential national extremist site operated by the Hungarian hate group claims that it „makes revolution”, but according to Athena Institute investigations, the operators of the website are also interested in the millions of tax-evading revenue that their activities generate. The Athena Institute mapped the financial operation of the hate group.
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