Athena Institute

Major Domestic Extremism Incidents - Europe 1990-2010

The Europe-wide study is a result of an extensive effort on behalf of the Institute and rests on a detailed database containing all major domestic extremism incidents occurred between 1990 and 2010.

During this twenty years, almost 2000 European citizens died, were taken hostage or suffered serious injuries as a direct result of major attacks carried out by domestic extremist groups. Beyond human suffering, these incidents also proved that domestic extremism has a potential to generate major shocks in the mainstream political process. A potential rarely understood, but one carrying the risk of distorting democratic decision-making itself.

The Initial Report is a first step in broader, continent-wide effort of the Athena Institute. Its primary goal is to establish basic fact patterns concerning the threat. These basic facts then must be analyzed, discussed and debated to put them into context to understand the impact domestic extremism had on Europe since the end of the Cold War - and the challenges it is to face in the future.