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Hereditary Hungarian Guard

  • Original name: Őrző Magyar Gárda
  • Year of formation: 2008.
  • Presumed No. of members: 40
  • Presumed seat: Budapest
  • Presumed leader(s): András Keserű (m)
  • Ideology: racist extremism, anti-Semitism
  • Threat level: 4
  • Active/Inactive: Inactive

Last updated: 26. 10. 2012.

The Hereditary Hungarian Guard very well exemplifies the further radicalization of racist extremism. According to the mission statement of the hate group, which came to exist in 2008 when the Hungarian Guard split, the current ills of the society can only be cured with the exclusion of certain groups from education and from decision making. This dissident group was harshly criticized for being anti-Semitic and anti-Roma and has become widely known in the extreme-right subculture.

 At the end of October 2012, the Hereditary Hungarian Guard is carrying out an intensive hostile propaganda campaign against the Hungarian Roma community.

In mid-October 2012, the Hereditary Hungarian Guard published a propaganda piece, in which they glorify Ferenc Szálasi and the Arrow Cross Party’s takeover in 1944.

Mid-March, 2012, the Pax Hungarica's local units in Debrecen, Sopron and Szekszárd also held a propaganda event related to the execution of Ferenc Szálasi, the Hungarian fascist leader and war criminal in the WWII. The extremist group's local unit in Szekszárd held the event together with the Hereditary Hungarian Guard and the Sixty-four County Youth Movement.  

At the end of January, 2012 the Hereditary Hungarian Guard extremist group issued a declaration via internet to join the counterprotest against those who are about to demonstrate against the New Theatre on 1, February.

Early December, 2011, the Hungarian National Guard held a year-end meeting in Dunaújváros. Among the participants were members of the Hereditary Hungarian Guard and a Member of the Parliament (!) representing the National Protection Force.

The Hereditary Hungarian Guard, headed by former Hungarian Guard leader, István Dósa decided to leave the Hungarian Guard claiming unbridgeable differences in ideology and causes of political nature. Following the split, members of the hate group continued to wear the uniform and the symbols of the Hungarian Guard demonstrating that the dissident group would not recognize the Hungarian Guard, from which it had seceded, as a legitimate and independent organization. The leader of the new organization pointed out several times that the “Hereditary Path” is the only true way and appealed to members to change sides. Recruitment efforts however proved to be unsuccessful; the Hereditary Guard remained without allies within a year’s time and became almost completely isolated. The restructuring of the organization began in 2010. Following a country-wide recruitment campaign, András Keserű was elected leader of the hate group. He stated the mission and objectives of the organization immediately after he was elected. According to these, the hate group promotes that Hungary should cut ties with international financial institutions and other alliances 'dominated by the international Zionist oligarchy', in particular NATO and the European Union. As per their „National Defense Call”, they propose to enact a numerus clausus legislation “in order to secure the unchallenged enforcement of the interests of the majority population.”

The group considers the physical and military training of its members and developing international partnerships priority objectives. The hate group therefore has maintained strong relationships with other extremist groups. The Hereditary Hungarian Guard and the Hungarian National Front have undoubtedly come closer to one another. These organizations are among the most organized of the paramilitary groups currently active in Hungary.  The cooperation between András Keserű and István Győrkös has led to the invigorating of these groups and the further radicalization of the reestablished Hereditary Guard.

The hate group preserved the hierarchical military structure of the Hungarian Guard; it consists of county-level 'wings' and within these, of 'battalions'. According to the mission statement their primary objective is the paramilitary preparation of the group. Together with other extreme right wing hate groups HHG members took part in the training camp organized by the Hungarian National Front in Bőny in 2009 where, according to reports, former members of the Hungarian military trained campers on the use of weapons, martial arts and other types of warfare.

The Hereditary Guard and Pax Hungarica co-organized a Holocaust denial march called “The March of Truth”, an event aimed at provoking the worldwide held Holocaust memorial event the March of the Living. Activists of the group were carrying bilingual banners (“Die Wahrheit Macht Frei”, Truth Makes You Free) lampooning the infamous German language phrase displayed above the entrance to the Auschwitz extermination camp. In February, 2011, the group participated at the ‘day of honor’ demonstration organized by the Pax Hungarica hate group. The neo-Nazi demonstration was organized on a private property at the outskirts of Budapest.

In accordance with the objectives set in 2010 the group has made efforts to develop international relations. Since 2005 the group has been an active organizer of “Day of Honor”, the largest neo-Nazi event of Hungary commemorating the national socialist military operation launched from the Buda Castle, the last one of WWII that took place in Budapest. Apart from groups from foreign countries most Hungarian extreme right-wing hate groups also attend this “memorial day”, which has developed to be an international gathering of the international extreme right-wing subculture.

The neo-Nazi gathering that took place in Komárno, Slovakia in September, 2010 is indicative of cross-border activities. Organizations from Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia put aside their ideological differences and took part in a joint demonstration. The declared that problems of international magnitude can only be tackled if neo-Nazi networks cooperate and that this cooperation has been paralyzed so far by chauvinism, which infected nationalism.

In a statement released early October, 2011, the Hereditary Hungarian Guard commenting on the Tyirityan-Novak incident - during which the leader of the Outlaw’s Army assaulted the member of the parliament - said that “the political capital of Novak is generated by the, where he often publishes under a female pseudonym. [...] As far as we know, there were cases when Novak pressured the party leadership by threatening them with the” According to the Hereditary Guard, a possible abolishment of the Outlaw’s Army would be “a huge loss for the radical movement, for all those who see the Army as the self-defense force of the nation.”

„We support the passing of a new numerus clausus legislation with the aim of excluding all those groups from power and other areas of the society that act against the interests of the Nation.”

(Mission Statement of the Hereditary Hungarian Guard, 2009.)