Athena Institute Investigations


The Institute carries out its daily monitoring activities since 2010. The program aims to provide a comprehensive picture about domestic extremism in Hungary.

Athena Institute analysts collects open source information in a systemic way and update the database daily to ensure that it provides factual, timely information. In order to ensure accuracy, information published is rigorously verified.


Information provided on the graphic interface - Map tab - indicate locations where domestic extremist group are headquartered. This information indicates only the given cities, not exact addresses.

Under the Extremist Groups tab, the Institute maintains two separate lists. As indicated, the first enumerates groups that are classified as domestic extremist organizations. The second list specifies groups that are watchlisted because of their demonstrated potential for further radicalization. The Institute reviews both lists annually.

Detailed information about each group can be obtained by clicking on their respective names or logos. On these pages

- information concerning presumed number of members is an approximation, however one verified by advanced methods of statistical analysis,

- information on ideologies is determined on the basis of mainstream political science consensus taking into consideration major characteristics (symbols, language, mission, charters, speeches, etc) of each organizations,

- threat levels attributed to each groups are determined on the basis of the Seven-Stage Hate Model developed by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and can also be understood as threat assessment digests.