Athena Institute


"Success" in Gyöngyöspata

According to press releases and the Institute’s own sources the New Hungarian Guard under the flag of the ‘For a Better Future’ Civic Guard Association after three weeks, on March 17, 2011 abandoned Gyöngyöspata and ended their racist extremist power-demonstration.

The situation finally removed from the standoff. The local minority government, county chief of police and head of the legitimate National Civic Guard Association urged to resolve the conflict, while a meeting convened in the village stood up for the Guard intensely. By the middle of March various hate groups joined to the racist extremist campaign – as the Outlaws’ Army and the Soldiers of the Defense. A group of the latter was taken into temporary custody by the National Police. There is a significant risk that the racist campaign in Gyöngyöspata will be perceived as a success by extremist groups, and they will adopt the ‘efficient’ model again. It is also significant that synchronized propaganda campaigns are going to strengthen extremist groups by increasing popular support.