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’The System is Blinking Red’

The first days of the Toulouse drama also served as frightening evidence that Europe is afraid of domestic extremism - even when it is not behind a given incident. It is high noon to change the political dynamics. Early Warning #7

I do not want to be sitting before this panel in a modern day version of a Pearl Harbor post-mortem as to who didn’t do what, when, where and why. None of us would want to have to be back here going through that agonywrote Donald Rumsfeld two month prior to the 9/11 attacks in a note to offer in a testimony to Congress - after the US spent most of the ‘90ies with being happy about its Cold War victory.

Europe, in the past twenty years, was also getting a bit bored - so it drafted sickening piles of ‘Lisbon strategy’ papers -, and now it again seems to disregard the ringing alarm bells. The gathering storm, at present in the form of emerging domestic extremism, has a clear potential to drastically change the threat environment Europe shall control to safeguard its democracy.

The full Early Warning Dispatch is available in the Context section.