Athena Institute


Growing Extremist Activity in Hungary

Incident Report #6 – The Athena Institute summarises and evaluates the events that indicate a growth in the activity of Hungarian far-right extremist groups during the summer of 2012. These events also indicate that the parliamentary party that has connections to these groups wants to use the different guard groups for its campaign purposes.

In this report, firstly, the Institute examines the events that led to the scandal around Laszlo Csatáry, a gendarme officer who is under investigation for war crimes, then peaked around the’s hostile propaganda campaign against the people who organised a flash mob at Csatáry’s flat and the Hungarian Jewish community. Afterwards, we will recite the propaganda actions against the Hungarian Roma community that can be – first and foremost – tied to the New Hungarian Guard, but were also joined by several other extremist groups.

The full report is available in the Context menu.