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The Athena Institute Goes Public

In the fall of 2010 during an event commemorating Hungary's '56-revolution in Budapest, an extremist leader declared that 'the war among races is permanent and humanism does not exist'. A hate group representing racist extremism organized four paramilitary training camps in the country. The notoriously anti-Semitic and anti-Roma hate group that regularly calls for the extermination of these Hungarian communities reached a nearly one million monthly readership. After one year of preparation the Athena Institute now presents Hungary's Hate Groups Map to the public.

The Athena Institute identified 16 hate groups in Hungary. These extremist groups represent a wide variety of ideologies ranging from racist extremism, neo-Nazism and Hungarian supremacism to anti-Christian extremism. Their membership totals an approximate 1100 person and their local branches can be found in most counties of Hungary while they are the most active in Budapest and in the eastern counties. 13 of the 16 identified groups are active. Acts carried out by these groups range from verbal or symbolic aggression to physical attacks.

The Athena Institute, an independent, non-partisan research organization was established to monitor and analyze hate groups and extremist activities and to inform the public. Detailed information about identified hate groups, approximate number of their members, their brief history as well as their presumed leaders and location of their seats can be found on the Hate Groups Map available on the website of the Athena Institute.