Athena Institute


Road to a New Treaty Conference

The Athena Institute held a productive and lively conference in the European Parliament, debating the economic sustainability of the EU and the role a possible new treaty between member countries of the European Union could play in the much needed economic reform process.

The Athena Institute organised a high level conference about the economic sustainability of the European Union and the Eurozone. Danuta Hübner, Chair of Committee on Constitutional Affairs emphasised that she is more in favour of a new treaty than a treaty change, which statement opened the room for a lively and informative discussion.

Philippe Lamberts added that in the current treaty arrangements you have hard discipline for budget but only wishful thinking about all the rest. Those who say we want to preserve the euro need to realise there has been no monetary union in human history without financial transfer.

László Andor explained that we need real game changers and the current Investment Plan and its macroeconomic impact should not be overestimated. There is room for development without a treaty change such as the Banking Union, but fiscal union is a necessity if we want the EMU sustainable. Automatic fiscal stabilisers however probably would need a treaty change.

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