Athena Institute


About the Institute

Eventually Zeus experienced an enormous headache; Hephaestus cleaved his head with a labrys. Athena leaped from Zeus’s head, fully grown and armed with a shout - and pealed to the broad sky her clarion cry of war.

Athena was the Olympian goddess of civilization, just war and good governance.

The Athena Institute, an independent research organization established in 2010, was founded to protect, strengthen and enhance the cultural-civilizational complex called Europe. The organization, an independent research body, started out focusing on internal and external security-related matters, rapidly becoming a leading organization in the field of non-conventional threats, notably domestic extremism and terrorism. Subsequently, the Institute spread its activities to a broader scope of other crucial fields of European-relevance, most notably societal, economic and environmental sustainability with the aim of countering the most harmful tendencies and fostering human dignity, security and prosperity of European citizens.

The Athena Institute, an independent and nonpartisan institution, is a Europe-based organization headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.